Women are acting the vital role in sustainable and effective development.

Women account for two thirds of the world’s 774 million illiterate adults, and their share has remained unchanged over the past two decades.

More than half of the 72 million children out of school are girls.

Women worldwide spend more than 200 million hours per day collecting water and have developed knowledge about water resources, including their location, quality and storage methods.

The impacts of the recession, unemployment and slow economic growth on women and men differ due to gender norms and stereotypes that continue to spread gender-based discrimination in many areas, including access to productive assets and justice.

(UN Women, The Future Women Want. A vision of sustainable development for all., 2012)

Do you now have any doubts that development is all about women?

The principle of gender equality in development cooperation has been stated in international agreements (United Nations, European Union, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, et al.). Moreover, many experienced donors integrate gender equality perspective in all their activities as a horizontal principle.

As for the EU new member states, like Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania, their development policies are still taking shape and the awareness of the necessity to implement the gender equality perspective is still insufficient.

We would like the womenanddevelopment.org website to be the source of information on the feminization of poverty, the role of women in social and economical development, the importance of gender equality perspective in development policies and its role in overcoming stereotypes regarding developing countries. We hope that it will also be the platform to present materials on this subject from other organizations and institutions, as well as from individuals (like trainers and educators). We, therefore, encourage you to be in touch with us and send your materials to the website coordinator at: joanna.szabunko@karat.org.pl

The educational materials and information on the website have been developed within projects implemented by KARAT Coalition: Her Story Women and Development (financed within the Polish foreign assistance program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland in 2010), Through Their Eyes, Through Ours. Raising public awareness about development problems faced by women from developing countries in the EU Eastern Neighbourhood, Balkans and Central Asia and Connect! South East West Women for Development Building Support in New Member States for Gender-sensitive and -responsive European Development Co-operation co-financed by the European Union.